Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Van Dykes in The New Yorker !!!!!

I am gobsmacked. Thoroughly. Mightily. The New Yorker has finally acknowledged that lesbian separatists existed in this here country in the '70s.


They printed an article by Ariel Levy about this roving gang of lesbian separatists in the 70's who called themselves the "Van Dykes" 'cause they all drove vans.

I must admit I was prepared to be irritated but the article was interesting and I was tickled that they printed it. Hey, you boys at The New Yorker -- you're growin' up!

Of course, now we're going to have to deal with those stereotypes again. But, what the hell, we dealt with them before.

You can't yet read the article online. But you can listen to an interview with Ariel Levy about the article. Go here. [Hmmmm ... you like to be told what to do, eh?]


boukman70 said...

OK, that title got me. I was thinking, "Really? The old soul group? They're still alive?" But this sounds pretty interesting, too.

Anyway, as per your request, I blog rolled you over at my digs:

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Ms. Manitoba said...

Thanks so much! I'm gonna visit you.