Friday, February 15, 2008

PolCat and Meself

(c) 2006 K. Smokey Cormier

A conversation between PolCat and meself picked from, as Salman Rushdie said in Midnight's Children, "the exotic flowers of the imagination blossom":

Ms. Manitoba: They have a name for people like me.
PolCat: They have many names for people like you.
Ms. Manitoba: Okay, they have a new name for people like me.
PolCat: I'll bite. What is it?
Ms. Manitoba: "quirkyalones"

Susan Abrams writes:
Call them quirky, but don't call them loners. For the self-described "quirkyalone," Valentine's Day is about thinking outside the heart-shaped box of chocolates.

"For me, being a quirkyalone doesn't always mean you are single," said Sasha Cagen, who coined the phrase nearly 10 years ago in an essay that spawned a book called "Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics."

"It just means you have another perception of life. It means being single is not a life sentence. It means you disapprove of settling."
Since writing her essay and starting the Web site, a movement has sprouted, with thousands embracing the concept, even transforming Valentine's Day into International Quirkyalone Day.

From Los Angeles to New York, from Brazil to Scotland, in cafes and karaoke bars, a celebration of singledom will occur around the world among like-minded people. The quirkyalones are not anti-love, just against contrived notions of coupledom, according to their creed.

"It definitely has struck a deep chord with people," said Cagen, who is surprised her word - which she created one "kissless New Year's Eve" - has blossomed.

"It's something people relate to in a deep way. It's a movement in that it challenges the prevailing notion that you have to be in a relationship to be happy."

In fact, quirkyalones are defined as fierce romantics. But they don't date for the sake of dating, Cagen said. They believe in the magic of love, but only if all the right pieces fall into place. Until that happens, a quirkyalone's best mate can be his or her own soul, as well as a good group of friends.

Quirkyalone traits include displaying a talent for self-reflection, believing that life can be prosperous and great with or without a mate, creating and maintaining chosen families of friends, and treating life as one big choose-your-own adventure, according to the Web site, which also includes a quiz and a list of famous quirkyalones.
The preceding excerpt was from an article by Susan Abrams. If you want to read the entire article about quirkyalones, click here.

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