Monday, February 11, 2008

B.A.D. Stroll Through Blogtopia

Well, fuck me blind, as we say back in the old country. (No, really, we do, although not around ThePoliticalCat's parental units who, being of a different generation and a rather prudish persuasion, would have a fit.)

Rotus over at Clarkspicks blogrolled us, so we wandered over to see what we could, and who's his featured artist today but Ali Farka Toure. Eeeyah!

Ali Farka Toure is, like, one of our fave musicians, and when you listen to the rockin' clip Rotus posted, you'll see why. Toure tips a hat to John Lee Hooker (another musician that we fuckin' love) as one of his influences.

Dis da kine music that makes ThePoliticalCat wish we were NOT gimps, cause dammit, we want to DANCE to this. Check out the audience. They're feelin' the call too.

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pygalgia said...

OT- you've been added. Sorry for the oversight.