Sunday, September 9, 2007

Filmmaker Retrospective

Interestingly enough, all of us who post at these, our two blogs - Ms. Manitoba, FoTPC, and TPC - are terrible introverts. Last week, Ms. M and I were discussing our ideal vacation. I regret to say we agreed the very best holiday would be to hole up in a reasonably nice hotel in a town which was hosting a retrospective of some favorite filmmaker.

In the event, last year we hosted a Kurosawa retrospective at Casa de Los Gatos, thoroughly enjoyed by los gatitos, el jefe de casa, and myself. Nasty weather outside always means movie nights at the old homestead, and we had a fine time with a goosefeather bed on top of the comforter, and lots of pumpkin seeds and almonds and walnuts and sunflower seeds and glasses of wine.

This year, Ms. M is contemplating an Almodovar retrospective. Me, I'm immersing myself in depressing movies, Battle of Algiers, When The Levees Broke, Sophie Scholl, Bonhoeffer, and a slew of Ousmane Sembene movies. I'm eagerly awaiting cheerful reports on the Almodovar Retrospective at Casa de Manitoba. Something's got to cheer me up, right?

On the plus side, I do have Borat coming from Netflix, and this week we're watching The Barchester Chronicles. I have to say Donald Pleasence is utterly triffic.

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