Thursday, September 13, 2007


Just sent this email to several folks at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences ... you may borrow any or all wording if you'd like.

Subject: Censorship=boredom

Dear Representative of the Academy,

I like to watch interesting shows. Shows with real life in them.

If you're going to censor shows, I just don't want to watch them. That's boring. You're taking the interesting parts out.

Sorry, won't be watching your show since you decided to edit out Kathy Griffin's remarks.

I know you and other executives are very worried about revenue and offending certain people. Fine. But there are consequences when you do that.

There are a lot of us out here in TV viewing land who are sophisticated enough to know that Kathy wasn't making fun of Jesus. She's making fun of those mock pious people who sicken most of us. We hear what kind of lives they live and then they sweetly thank Jesus.

Plus, if you know Jesus' real teachings ... they were all about love and turning the other cheek, not punishment.

Go ahead. Transmit your boring show. I won't watch.


Ms. Manitoba

'nuff said

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