Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Radical Feminists" versus Trans Women

[This is an email I just sent to Counterpunch in response to this article:]

Counterpunch Editors:

Come on, it's the 21 century. These fights between "radical feminists" and trans women started quite a while ago. Many of us were backward thinkers and often voted to keep trans women out of feminist space. But we've had time to think more deeply about this and we don't agree one little bit with our old selves anymore. Plus, it's a diversion from all the real enemies who are out there. And I don't mean men. It's a mixed bag. It's complex. Focus on the people who are really trying to keep all women (and really -- all people) down. Examples: Republican politicians of all genders/sexual identities, Catholic hierarchy, Mormon hierarchy, sexist men, sexist women, boy bullies on the playground ... the list goes on.

And to post someone's private address and other info? What are you -- totally dead inside?*

K. Smokey Cormier

*later, they posted a trans woman's private info because she dared to reply negatively to the article

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