Saturday, August 22, 2009

Santa Cruz: Back from our annual trip

Ms. Manitoba loves Santa Cruz. I take my daughters there every year before school starts and we have a wonderful time. We go with a long-time friend who is an auntie to my daughters.

This year we wondered if we should go -- there's a forest fire north of Santa Cruz and two of us have asthma. But we decided to head there and leave if it was smokey.

Our tradition is to ride the Haunted Castle first.

It's old timey and not scary to me ... but is for my 12-year old.

My favorite rides: Crazy Surf (I once rode this 7 times in a row), Pirate Ship, bumper cars, Sea Swings (new this year), Logger's Revenge, Ferris Wheel, and the sky ride that takes you from one end of the boardwalk to the other (don't know the name).

I felt like you could see the economy affecting this tourist spot ... the beach didn't have as many people as there were in the past.

I can't ride the Cyclone ... but the others love it.

And a caramel apple is a favorite.

I love the Boardwalk. Love the classic rock they play. Love the arcades -- I get to play pinball which I love! And Skee-ball.

We had two fun-filled days. Then on Friday morning (8/21/09) it got very smokey. We checked out of our motel and left right away. It's supposed to be 90% contained now. It really depends on which way the wind is blowing. Like so many things ...

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