Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liberals, Sparks, Stencils and Much Much More ...

Stencil in San Francisco, 2006

Dear Reader, have you discovered yet? It’s a website you can go to and see videos of various lectures, performances, discussions, author presentations. I just watched one called “Why Jesus Was a Liberal: Rev. Scotty McLennan” and another one “Electricity Theater with Omega Recoil.” The latter was about these two guys -- John Behrens and Sparky Jewell -- who combine science, art, electricity, and sparks. A really fine one featured Russell Howze who is the author of Stencil Nation and the founder of

I encourage you to visit


stanfordparents said...

Thanks for referencing my appearance on Fora TV. Please check my website, and you'll also find a link there on Amazon where you can purchase my new book. JESUS WAS A LIBERAL:RECLAIMING CHRISTIANITY FOR ALL.

Scotty McLennan

Ms. Manitoba said...

Hi, Scotty. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello ... and the info. Anybody who has ever really read the New Testament knows that Jesus was a liberal. Good golly!!