Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dame Edna's Gynecologist

Here's an excerpt from a recent Jon Carroll column from the San Francisco Chronicle:

In 2003, Scott Simon had Dame Edna Everage in the studio, and wonderful, adorable chaos ensued. Dame Edna (who is, for the few who do not know, a character created by Australian comedian Barry Humphries) took over the show immediately and totally. At one point she complimented Simon (whom she invariably called "little Scott Simon") on his skill as an interviewer, in that he knew enough not to ask any questions.

Quite the best way to handle Dame Edna. I once did an onstage interview with Molly Ivins, and I adopted the same tactic. I asked a question, took a sip of water and listened for 20 minutes. Many people told me in all seriousness how sensitive my handling of her had been.

With Dame Edna, it's impossible to know what was material from one of her shows and what was created on the spot. I think there was an element of improvisation in a rather complicated riff about Julio Iglesias' father, who was, she said, her gynecologist. "He's very old now, and his hands shake. Of course, that's not necessarily a drawback."

At that point you can hear little Scott Simon pounding the desk and gasping. Thank God he was not required to ask questions, because at that moment he could not.

'nuff said.

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Unknown said...

well Julio Iglesias should stop at this point if he's such old now!

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