Sunday, March 23, 2008

Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finals

Try to keep this event on yr radar for next year. Last night was the first time I went and it is wonderful. We were in the nose-bleed section but we could feel the passion waaaaaaay back there. So many of these young poets (there was even a 14 yr old and he was fantastic!) were great -- in their poetry and their delivery. I highly recommend this event.

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Anonymous said...

Cool beans on the recital, kiddo. I enjoy attending them when they're well delivered.

Btw, I wasn't aware that you added Mville to your blogroll list. I am aware now and have added you to my blogroll list, too. Therefore, allow me to be the first to say, "Hello there new neighbor!"

It's all good. Thank you for your interest in Maryannaville, too.