Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy Heart: Mini review

I tried to watch Crazy Heart -- I really did. What a lousy unbelievable story! A wet dream for white male sixty-somethings. Here's this 57-yr old, has-been country singer. A terrible drunk. And this barely-30-yr-old woman (Maggie Gyllenhall) falls in love with him. The guy is a wreck!!! And broke! AND ... *she's* got a kid. Maybe there is a woman in this country that would fall in love with this character and take him in -- but all her friends would be talking about her behind her back: "She's gone absoFUCKINGlutely nuts!!!" There are no women I know who would do that to their child -- I don't care how cute this guy is when he plays with the kid. Nobody I know would bring a train wreck into their child's life. (Okay, maybe lots of us start out when we're young with train wrecks and then have kids with them -- that's different.)

Really ... this is fantasyland for older men (executive producers who give the green light to screenplays like this!!).

I am a Jeff Bridges fan from waaaaaaaaaay back. And he is very good in this. It's the premise that is so wrong. And Jeff Bridges has done much better work in my opinion: The Fisher King, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Fearless, and the-not-well-known film - The Amateurs.

The other acting is very good too. But I just kept shaking my head.

I loved Jeff Bridges' singing and the songs are quite good. But, I just kept shaking my head.

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Charlotte said...

I completely agree with you! Great acating (and I'm glad he finally got an Oscar) and good music (and I don't like country) but the story sucked!