Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lincoln Town Car Fantasy

Damn it! I just read that Ford has decided to drop the Lincoln Town Car!!!!

Why haven't I won SuperLotto already?

My fantasy for years was this:

I'd win the SuperLotto. Quit my job IMMEDIATELY (is there a word that conveys something faster than "immediately"?). Take a break. Then buy a Lincoln Town Car. Have someone install a REALLY GOOD sound system in it. Then, by word of mouth, let people know that I am in business: I drive sick folks to and from their various annoying appointments--for free. I play really good music for them ... or we listen to an interesting interview. If they've had a particularly troubling appointment and we had the time ... we might drive someplace pretty and just sit in the car and look out the windows. If they use medical marijuana, that's cool. I'd put up my dividing window while they smoked ... or, hey, I could have a REALLY GOOD ventilation system installed too. I really don't want to get high (I'm clean and sober for many moons). Unless I was sick ... then all bets are off. I might use medical marijuana in that situation.

Well ... I guess I'll just have to buy a used Lincoln Town Car now, after I win.

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