Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bon Tempe Lake - Marin Watershed

A friend at work recommended a hike at Bon Tempe Lake in the Marin Watershed. So last Saturday, my oldest daughter and I went "exploring" there ... she's 17 and I dare not use the word "hiking." Exploring means you can stop and look at tadpoles or see if there are any lizards in the tall grasses. I love to hike but I'm not a type A. If I'm with my daughters, I can adapt to their quirks.

A friend asked: what type are you?
My reply: Type F.
"Type F?" she thinks I'm being risqué. "What's the F mean?"


Right away, the fun began. We had just gotten out of the car and a big ole jackrabbit with long long ears hopped by and startled my daughter. I laughed.

Besides the rabbit, we saw a tadpole (still a tadpole in May!!!), lots of deer, a lizard, and many birds. I heard several frogs plop into the lake -- I was too slow getting to the edge of the lake and didn't see them.

We really had a good time. And it was so beautiful out there. The wind was calm and it was a sunny morning.

All photos taken by our close friend K. Smokey Cormier.

all photos (c) 2010 K. Smokey Cormier

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Hey, nice photos, Smokey!