Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sixtysomethings say: I'm with Coco

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Ms. Manitoba has read in several places how older folks are going with Jay Leno ... but those tech savvy young folks are going with Conan O'Brien.

Where dem bloggers at
Where dem bloggers at
Where they at, where they at, where they at?

Stop that stereotyping ... 'kay?

Ms. Manitoba has recently stepped into her sixties and she is for Coco!!

I watched Leno's first show and a few after. Now, if the man can't get it together for his premiere show????!!!! Except for Jay Z and gang, it was boring! Jerry Seinfeld? Booooring!

And Jay's show has been boring ever since. And unfunny.

So, who wants to watch that.

Let's face it though ... none of these boys of late night TV are very evolved. They still act like boys even though they're men. But I do prefer Conan ... he's quirkier than Leno. I also like Kimmel better.

And as for those numbnuts at NBC ... here's an excerpt from a New York Times article:
Support for Mr. Leno was evident online, as well, but in much smaller portions. Simon Dumenco, the media columnist for Advertising Age, suggested in a column on Wednesday that people have rallied around Mr. O’Brien not because they adore his “Tonight Show” but “because he’s suddenly become an unlikely (Harvard-educated, multimillionaire) Everyman: the freckled face of American job insecurity, a well-meaning hard worker who spent years paying his dues but has now been declared redundant by the halfwit overlords driving his company into the ground.”

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Grace Nearing said...

But I do prefer Conan ... he's quirkier than Leno.

I prefer quirkiness, too. But, boy, if there's one thing that makes corporate overlords twitchy, it's quirkiness. I'm surprised Conan has lasted as long as he has on NBC.