Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kristin Chenoweth "A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas"

What have I been listening to in the past week? A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas by Kristin Chenoweth. And it's great!

Ms. Manitoba has a complicated relationship with Christmas. I was raised Roman Catholic and I was sincerely, deeply religious. Lots of thinking and feeling and observing and reading ... over time ... and I began to really resent the commercialization of the birth of the holiest. I started to feel that Christmas decorations and celebrations should be private. Spirituality is a private matter -- I still believe that.

So, I celebrate in my own way. * (Even though I eventually converted to Judaism, I celebrate certain things about Christmas because that is my upbringing, my memories, my connection to family and my past.)

One way is to listen to Christmas music. I love Christmas music. However, I do not like it played at work or in public areas. No, I want to pick when, where, and what.

And lately, I have picked Kristin Chenoweth. (Loved her in The West Wing and Pushing Daisies.) Her voice is so wonderful. And I love the variety of songs on A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas ... traditional, Broadway-showtune-style songs, Country twang songs. And, did I say ... her voice is incredible.

This is a disk that makes me happy when I play it. (And I rarely say stuff like that.) My 12-year old loves it too. We play it in the car. We end up in such good moods.

Highly recommended.

* Never do I decorate a tree. That's beyond what I want/need. Plus, folks, the trees ... I love them too much to cut them down.

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