Saturday, October 24, 2009

Soupy Sales: R.I.P.

Yes, Ms. Manitoba has a fondness for Soupy Sales. He was damn funny! He was quirky and his show was very low budget. Yes, it was a children's show and I was a teenager... back then in the 60's ... but I'd watch it because he would throw out these zingers and he was so unpredictable. I like that in entertainers.

[We do Harold Pinter in one post, Soupy Sales in the next: we, too, are unpredictable.]

Remember White Fang, Black Tooth, and Pookie? How about Peaches, Philo Kvetch, and Onions Oregano? Willie the Worm?

Want to know more about him? Go here.

He once told this riddle (kids' show, mind you) ... what starts with F and ends in U-C-K? [long pause, some giggling in the studio] ... why FIRETRUCK, of course!!!

You just never knew what he was gonna do or say.

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McBlogget said...

Here's an interesting bit of triva: Soupy Sales' sons were musicians, who at one point worked with Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop said in an interview that he had been a childhood fan of Soupy, and took Soupy's advice for writing letters (25 words or less) for his song lyrics.