Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wounded by Percival Everett

I don't do this very often ... write about a book I'm reading. I usually wait until my mid-year review of all books read ... then my end of year "Books read by Ms. Manitoba" list. But I'm reading a book that is just so good I want to recommend it now: Wounded by Percival Everett.

First, the writing is so very very good. The writing is so good you are there in the action, living and breathing and walking with the characters. Plus, the characters are so interesting and well-formed -- so much so, that you don't even feel that they are characters -- they're real people. At least I wished they were and I wished I could go visit them. Right now. Mr. Everett is also tackling some tough subjects: an anti-gay hate crime and a prickly gay man; racism in Wyoming and the rest of America; disappointment and betrayal in marriage; cruelty towards animals. Big topics. And he treats them with sensitivity, respect, and intelligence.

To read a full description of the plot, go to here.

I highly recommend Wounded by Percival Everett.

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Joe said...

I just finished reading this book! It's incredibly wonderful. Everett is funny, serious, compelling... the people, the landscape, the animals... ay... it's all so good... I wonder why it wasn't a huge hit.