Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anne Lamott!

There are so many good books written by Anne Lamott. For emerging writers out there ... read Bird by Bird.

Thanks, Ms. Lamott ... for all the good words you've published ... your humor and honesty ... a lot of funny things can be said when you're being down and dirty and honest, eh? And also, I appreciate that you are an activist. I saw you out at San Quentin the night of Stanley "Tookie" Williams' execution. I liked it that you were not in your Ivory Tower. Although, me myself and I can understand being in an Ivory Tower more and more as I get older. I'm getting more introverted. Yet I love being around people ... but only when I have the right kind of energy.

Have a blessed birthday.


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Sempringham said...

Just found your site, or I would have posted sooner: Absolutely agree with you about Annie. She has learned some important things the hard way, and shares them with humor.

Posted by another 49er.