Friday, December 21, 2007

Mayor of Castro Street to be filmed: Update

As reported in today's Leah Garchick column in the San Francisco Chronicle:
Matt Damon, who was spoken about for the role of Dan White in the movie version of "Milk," is out, replaced by Josh Brolin. Sean Penn, as planned, is Harvey Milk, and Bob McDowell tells me that there are rumors that James Brolin, Josh's father, may play George Moscone. Activist Cleve Jones will be played by Emile Hirsch, who starred in "Into the Wild."

Sounds good to me. Josh Brolin was fabulous in No Country for Old Men. (Actually the entire cast was so good.) I hadn't seen him in many things ... that I recall ... and he just impressed the hell out of me in that Coen Brothers' movie. I really believed he was who he was playing in that movie.

Same goes for Emile Hirsch. He was brilliant in Into the Wild. And ... was it yesterday? Mr. Hirsch got a SAG award nomination for that role?

[Oh, my god! From the previous comments above ... I actually sound like I get out and about! These are two of the five adult movies I've seen all year. No, no ... I always make that mistake ... not "adult movies" ... I mean movies made for grownups. I usually go to children's or family movies with my kids. But not so many made for grownups.]

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Occam's Razor said...

The cast information has no relation to the long gestating Brian Singer directed "Mayor of Castro Street," it is about Gus van Sant's rival Harvey Milk bio-pic "Milk" which will begin filming in January